About Us

Thank you for visiting my page! Read on to learn a little bit about the birth of Sugar Kettle Cookie Co.
Sugar Kettle Cookie Co. was born on a late-night not so long ago in a lovely city called Baton Rouge. Let me start by saying that baking was NEVER my life long dream if I am honest, I used to hate to cook and or bake anything at all. Baking was my big sister's dream. Like, literally, her whole life, but I digress. I married young, had my children young (3 in 2 years actually, and no that is not a typo, I have a set of twins), divorced young, and finally found my soulmate young (ish). To say my life was busy would be an understatement. My husband and I have 5 children between us and I quickly found myself a typical busy working Mom. It is true what they say, time does go by fast when you are having fun! I blinked and found myself unloading the last truckload of furniture at my baby's apartment.
I tell people all of the time that I grew up with my kids. I know that sounds strange, and some may not understand, but when you are 18 and have a baby and then 21 and have three you LITERALLY grow up with your kids. They were the one constant in my entire adult life and suddenly they were gone, off to college, off to live their own lives. The hubby and I finally learned what all of the “empty nest” talk was about. I am not afraid to say that I was lonely. A bit lost. My life had changed dramatically and then suddenly I found myself searching for a purpose other than being a Mom.
One night after watching about the 10th baking show/challenge on TV, I said to my husband “I feel like I can do that”. I was joking but decided to give it a try. The very next day I hopped in my car, went to our local craft store, bought what I thought I needed and made my first batch of cookies! They were NOT pretty folks! BUT, I noticed something. While I was mixing and rolling out the dough, covering my kitchen in icing, planning what I was going to tell my husband when he came home and saw all of the mess I managed to create, I no longer felt lost. I no longer felt alone. My mind was really quiet and….at peace. AND, when my husband came home and smiled at the mess, raved about my cookies (the taste more than the appearance), somewhere deep down inside of me I realized that this might be what I want to do! From there I began watching videos, reading blogs, and above all practiced, practiced, practiced. I made cookies constantly, and suddenly people began telling me that I should sell them. And I did! And that folks, is how Sugar Kettle Cookie Co was born!
I have only been doing this for a short while and trust me, I have a long way to go, but I like my cookies. I like that they aren’t necessarily “perfect”. I like that they put a smile on people's faces. I love that they have introduced me to my local community, and in a small way make me a part of someone's special day. I like that you can still tell that they are made at home, in Southern Louisiana, in some lady’s kitchen that was just looking to find herself.